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How do we preserve our precious resources for
future generations?

REPLENISH collaborates with haulers and composters who reclaim organic table scraps from restaurants and then recycle this material back to farmers through the creation of compost. The compost fertilizes the produce that goes back to the restaurant.

… Reclaiming Restaurant By-Products

… REPLENISHing Local Farmers

… Restoring Economic Stability

As a demonstration project of EDEN Delmarva, REPLENISH promotes the recovery of organic materials from Rehoboth Beach restaurants for the creation of compost and soil additives that help serve local farmers with their crops.

REPLENISH is a collaboration among restaurants, haulers, a compost facility, and local farmers. Local favorites like Dogfish Head, Bethany Blues Arena’s Café, Big Fish Grill, and El Dorado have all begun to participate in diverting their organic material (table scraps). Local Haulers will haul the organic material to compost facilities at Blue Hen Organics in Dagsboro, DE, and The Wilmington Organics Recycling Center at the Port of Wilmington. The training for the separation of organic wastes at other large food generators, both North and South is underway.

The purpose is to reclaim the valuable nutrients in table scraps, to cultivate compost for local farmers, which stimulates the farmer to grow and sell produce locally, which in turn can feed the folks at the same restaurants that recover the organic material. EDEN seeks to encourage business leaders within the restaurant, resource recovery, transportation, and agricultural sectors to cultivate a paradigm shift in their business models that will be economically rewarding and good for the earth.

EDEN’s REPLENISH Program also incorporates a DNREC-recognized Certification Program listing the food generators, haulers, composters and farmers that have distinguished themselves as leaders and innovators by diverting valuable organic material away from the landfills, and creating compost, and/or soil supplements which enable local farmers with their agricultural products. The mission of REPLENISH is to create a sustainable new practice in the marketplace with economic benefits for everyone, including the resource recovery specialist/hauler, restaurant, composter, and local farmer. The demonstration project seeks to create awareness of the new practices through community education and the multi-media publication of information about the on-going program, and its outcome data. The goal is to help catalyze a change in resource management and recovery practices.

Participating haulers, restaurants, and farmers in the program will be included in the programs’ educational community outreach efforts, and profiled on the REPLENISH website, DNREC’s – restaurant certification site, and elsewhere.

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