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How can we rapidly multiply green infrastructure jobs in Delaware?

The biggest job engine in the world is in renewable energy and energy efficiency, especially assembly and manufacturing.

EDEN is working with different departments at the State of Delaware and the University of Delaware to create business solutions to environmental and economic challenges that will bring more manufacturers to Delaware. These companies are attracted to Delaware’s business friendly regulations and skilled workers.

Using Delaware skilled workers, these out-of-state companies will multiply jobs in Delaware when they arrive.

EDEN participates in economic development opportunities as they arise, through our efforts to recruit and retain small businesses for our region. The EDEN team rolls up its shirtsleeves to offer advice, networking and access to financing for companies and entrepreneurs who bring jobs and innovative technology to Delaware.

Currently EDEN is working with private investors and the University of Delaware and the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore on several new projects: a biomass plant in Delmarva that will bio-convert poultry litter into energy and fertilizer end products; a resource recovery process that reclaims protein from chickens that never make it to the processing plant, and a water based technology utilizing plants to extract nutrients from wastewater or storm water, bio-converting these nutrients into protein and then harvesting the biomass as feed meal. These projects will create opportunities for for small businesses, creating new green jobs, reducing costs for farmers, providing new income opportunities for farmers, helping to preserve the social, and economic fabric of the agricultural community on the Eastern Shore. This work is currently in development. Check back for periodic updates on these activities.