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The Delmarva Community Wellnet is a local non-profit community service foundation that promotes healthy living, the recovery of renewable resources and the principles of sustainability; working everyday to make the world a better place.

The Wellnet’s Mission:
Our Mission is to engage children and business leaders in the demonstration of economic and practical solutions for
sustainable living.

EDEN’s Educational Programs and Demonstration Projects directly benefit small businesses, people of low-and moderate income, entrepreneurs, farmers and/or employers, and serve to stimulate the local economy to get us back on the EDEN path to prosperity. We provide creative and innovative approaches to sustainable living through:

  • Education of the public on the opportunities for sustainable practices in everyday life
  • Creation of demonstration projects which enhance community economic development and the quality of life through:
    • the use and recovery of renewable resources
    • providing access to sustainable health care services for low and moderate income populations
    • economic development and support for the start-up of business opportunities in sustainable practices in agribusiness and other sectors.

The EDEN Project is categorized in two key ways.

Educational Programs:
The Wellnet administers educational programs which serve to train entrepreneurs and students in green economics, provide experiential learning environments for school children from families of low- to moderate income, and educates the community on opportunities business opportunities that are good for the environment and contribute to the economic welfare of the community.

Economic Development Demonstration Projects:
The foundation has created demonstration projects with business solutions to environmental and  health related challenges faced by entrepreneurs, small businesses, children and families of low to moderate incomes.  Demonstration projects are diverse, but unified and cohesive under our mission.